Documentation Manager
1999 - 2005

IDe, Inc. is a software development company, a spin-off of industry and technology consultants Pitiglio, Rabin, Todd, & McGrath (PRTM). At IDe, we develop IDeWeb™ — a browser-based application for strategic product development management that allows Fortune 1000 companies to manage portfolios of projects in development across an enterprise. They call it Development Chain Management (DCM). Clients enter critical resource, schedule and strategic information in a database and use this data to compare similar information across projects and portfolios in real time.

We used Dreamweaver and Deva Search to develop page-level context sensitive online help for the product. Since IDeWeb™ runs in a browser, all online help had to be browser- and platform-independent. Printed documentation was provided in the form of PDF files which were installed on the server and called from the Help system.

In addition to documenting the product, writers were integral members of the development group. All our applications were developed by cross-functional teams consisting of analysts, designers, programmers, writers, and testers. The team was responsible for designing, specifying, developing, coding, testing, and documenting the product. In the two years we developed in this manner, experience showed that the writers were the preferred team leaders.

I was the core team leader for several product releases, managing all aspects of a software release.

I was the 16th employee at IDe and was the sole writer for the first nine months.