Since I started working in software documentation over 30 years ago, a lot of things have changed, but the basic fundamentals haven't. Today more than ever there's a need for clear, concise, accurate information about products and services. It's been my mission to develop quality information for my clients and employers, and to teach new writers how to do the same.

I'm an experienced documentation developer, writer, training manager, and consultant. I live in south central Vermont, have a fully equipped home office, and am actively seeking new challenges. If you need words to communicate your product's purpose, use, or objective, I have over 30 years experience getting complex ideas across in simple, straight-forward, easy to read prose. Please contact me if you have an interesting project!

See my profile on LinkedIn: View John Garison's profile on LinkedIn or download a PDF resume.

My career in a nutshell:

Skills Application expertise
Technical writing Enterprise network management systems
Course development Strategic business management systems
Project management eLearning delivery systems
Group management Online publishing systems
User Interface design Imaging, workflow, and groupware applications
Training delivery Operating systems, languages, utilities
  Integrated process control systems
  Accounting systems
  Word and document processing systems
  Financial applications

Contact me for a password to access sample help files I have created.